New Picture Book! Magic For Sale

Reviews: “Beginning with an outside view of the shop, with its caged skeleton and toothy “Unwelcome Mat,” Shelley expands on Clickard’s tally of witchly and wizardly stock in trade by further cramming every nook and shelf in sight with precisely detailed arcane items and thrillingly icky specimens. One-stop shopping for all your elixir, potion, and spellcasting needs” (Kirkus).

“The illustrations are just as whimsical, with their layers upon layers of occult items. Despite the clutter of Miss Pustula Night’s shop, India ink clearly distinguishes the objects from one another. This also proves to be a wise design choice because many of the spreads feature a different complementary palette of watercolors. Georgie himself always pops out, thanks to the assorted colors that make up his geeky adventurer’s garb” (School Library Journal).

Holiday House Publishers

Picture Book